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                                                                             About Me

 The owner of Pitchvine Entertainment, LLC a local film production company here in Greensboro NC. I'm a Writer, Producer, Director, Theatre Producer and Talk Shows Host. I have Executive Produced independent shows that aired locally here in the Triad on ABC, My 48 and The CW Television Network. I’ve written and published the book titled Three Shorts and a Play that can be purchased on Kindle and Amazon books. I’m the Co-Creator of the program Paper 2 Film with my business partner, Tiffany “Walker” McKiver. During the summer months we run a program that teach young men and women from low income areas the art of writing, acting,  directing, producing and shooting a film.  The program has been in existence since 2013. Going into 2020 our students have shot over 11 films.      


Seeking Greatness

As a writer and filmmaker you want your projects to capture your audience attention in a way that will set you apart from other writers and filmmaker. This only comes when your material say something about how great you are as a writer, director and producer. My job is to capture the audience attention with great, writing, directing and producing.




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During my lifetime I have been trusted by parents with their kids from coaching 8-9 year old girls’ basketball to shooting the film “Break The Chains”.


Growing up in a large family you learn the value of understanding, sharing and giving.


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Co-Founder/ Director  of the From Paper 2 Film

 A program that introduces our youth to the world of better writing, reading, math and comprehension skills. This 3 month program runs 2 days a week.


Mission Statement:

Giving young people who thought they would never get the opportunity to write, act, or film the opportunity to do so. Our commitment to helping our youth become better citizens no matter the race is our main goal and purpose.